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Nina Sarkissian

Psychotherapy and Counselling

What can psychotherapy help with? 

Your reasons for seeking therapy may be clear. It could be that you've experienced a bereavement and would like help to process that. On the other hand you may feel less sure about the source of the problem, but you sense that life could just feel better. Either way developing curiosity and understanding yourself better can be life changing.  


It's much easer to explore difficult experiences and feelings within a supportive relationship, where you can process what you're struggling with and learn new ways of being in the world. 

Here are some topics often brought to therapy:

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Bereavement 

- Bullying

- Confidence

- Loneliness 

- Identity 

- Work Stress 

- Trauma

- Relationships 

- Self-limiting Patterns 


This is by no means an exhaustive list and everyone will have completely unique experiences, even if the label is the same. 


Contact me for an initial chat and we can discuss what you're hoping to get some help with. 

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